Acting, presenting and nerves An email to a student with stage fright After a presentation to 200 people

Did you get the payment?

Yes I got the payment thanks.

It came out good Edward.  Lets speak later.  They taped it but on an official recorder I got to get a copy.  Thanks for the support.

This is just great.

We could not have done any more. I woke up today and my voice is all f$cked up, good thing it wasn't your's. I think I must have worn out my voice with the Let's go!'s and the Fuck it!'s with you.

You had a big fire here and you put it out.

It wasn't ideal to start to do a million things at the last minute but we did what we could and it seems to have worked as well as it could have done in the time.

Now we have to think medium / long term.

We can work on a million things like:

Your voice;
Pronunciation issues
This is detailed and it will take time because you have never done it before. I have my own copyrighted course with everything we need to help though.
Use of stress
So you can choose technically how you deal with each part);
Sub text
Thinking about sub text what you want to say over and oabive the actual words you use. Its an "acting"technique we can examine;
Body language analysis
Though here you are great, you just need to see that;
English language issues
Correcting any English grammar issues (we want to tighten this up it will make you sound more professional and controlled and of course make people get your message more easily);
Making you tighten up on English vocabulary (I think here you know it all we just have to make you more disciplined);
Acting and playing parts
Practising acting scripts not just business presentations with characters and different voices etc which to come back the presentations later;
etc etc etc....

But the most important thing will be
To practise, preactise, practise....
For us to record it on professional quality sound and video so that you can hear and see very detail...
Then for us to analyse it... but above all for you to learn to analyse yourself... to see where you are good, and in a detailed where which specific elements you can improve on or try different ways...

This will all make you:

Technical ability
Technically better;

With better range to choose how you want to do it every time;

With more choices and options for yourself to do quality presentations in many different ways to many different people for many different reasons;

Not changing your essence
I am not trying to change you I am trying to make you polish everything and expand on your own natural talents and repertoire.

This will all of course make you relax because here the problem is the f$cking head.

You need to realise:
You are really good and you will get far better;
The others can be average to rubbish often;

There is a big difference between your reality and your perception of reality

The trick I think will be, apart from actual improvement:
For you to be recorded over and over again, for your to listen to each one and realise that you are actually very good.

Many people have a difference between how good they think they are and how good they are.

Many people have the opposite problem.
They think they are wonderful at something when they may not have a f$cking clue. This is a far bigger problem because you can't help them, they know everything.

This week

I agree you want to get hold of the recording of today.

Forget about it
You need to get some rest and next week when it's all over call me and we can think about. You need to relax and forget about all this sh$t for a bit.

Ask a few questions in the other talks if you like, that will help you practise, standing up if you can when you ask them and when you listen to the answer so you get used to feeling what its like for 200 people to look at you.

Future planning

You practising:

In work
Deliberately doing lots of presentations in your company just to practise. Nobody will know, they will just think you are helpful guy teaching them a lot of sh$t.

Your after dinner speaking club
You will soon realise you are one of the few good ones and may stop going.

Both by you and by me.

Coaching sessions
In person one to one sessions
Not via the stupid Skype classes but planning a more calm, unrushed structured medium term plan where we sit down with time to plan this thing.

You will be, if you are not already one of the best public speakers out there.


© Edward Olive 2015
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